NOW Foods will provide you with a wide-range, selection of quality natural products for great value. Specifically formulated to aid support and promote health through nutrition, this brand offers thousands of products I have ever used. Recently, I had the opportunity speak to Amber Cerda, the sales and marketing communications manager of the brand. Here is what she had to say

Sacramento and Davis area scientists in addition to researchers in other cities are studying whether coconut oil can help individuals with specific ailments because medium-chain triglycerides seen in coconut oil produces the ketones utilized by the brain to reverse and/or slow down the continuing development of specific diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and quite often Huntingtons, but research is ongoing. Also see the news release, Hypothyroidism and Virgin Coconut Oil.

Hard plaques manufactured from a protein called amyloid beta are invariably seen in the brain of your person diagnosed with Alzheimers disease, according to Brody. But the simple presence of plaques doesnt invariably cause impaired thinking and memory. In other words, the plaques should be made however, not sufficient to cause Alzheimers dementia.

Another innovative product from Boditronics will be the Boditronics Nu-Topia Meal Replacement that has made a new dimension of sorts in meal replacement technology. It brings together slow and fast digestible proteins of the highest quality which have been combined with low glycaemic carbohydrates and ultra fine cooked ground oats and barley malt.

George Foss: Vinpocetine dramatically increases the metabolism, or energy activity, of the brain. It creates this change partly by increasing blood circulation towards the brain through vasodilation, which in turn maximizes glucose and oxygen uptake through the brains 100 billion neurons.

The neurons thrive on glucose and oxygen, that they can use to make prodigious quantities of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. This consequently boosts the energy activity of the entire brain, which naturally, may be the supercomputer of the body system. This increased energy activity then triggers three crucial functions inside the brain: repair or replacement of damaged cognitive abilities, increased electrical activity between the neurons, and enhancement of efficient cell-to-cell communication. In other words, ATP is crucial to everyone major facets of brain function. It assists in keeping the mind healthy along with peak operating condition. And Vinpocetine increases the process by dramatically increasing your brains ability to produce ATP. This is, mostly, why Vinpocetine has been used so successfully in the prevention and management of everything from simple memory disturbances to common senility, senile dementia and strokes. It has some very positive results upon damaged areas with the brain. And its antioxidant properties are believed to be to aid further protect mental performance from premature aging, by mopping up free radicals before theyre able to damage minds.

Whats more, because Vinpocetine increases brain numbers of ATP quite dramatically, you also get a very pleasant mental lift from that

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